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These Terms and Conditions shall govern your access to and use of the site www.vsodds.bet whether accessed through the online webpage or through mobile phones, smartphones, or tablets (referred to herein as the “Site”). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you start to use any section of the Site.


  1. Versus Odds B.V is a company registered in Curaçao with the company registration number 147011 and having its registered office as Dr. M.J. Hugenholtzweg/ Heelsumstraat, E-Commerce Park Vredenberg, Curaçao.
  2. Versus Odds B.V is licensed and regulated to provide its services under the following licenses by the Curaçao Authority; 
  3. VSODDS.BET is owned and operated by Versus Odds B.V as a license holder and by UAB Juodojo Zirgo Tango, registration code 304506254, Zalioji 8, Klaipeda, Lithuania as billing agent.
  4. By opening an account at VSODDS.BET you agree that you have read, understood and will abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  5. We reserve the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time. We will ensure that any significant changes to the Terms and Conditions will be notified to you in advance by an appropriate method.
  6. In order to make one or more bets on the Site, you must open an account with VSODDS.BET.
  7. By applying for an account you represent and warrant to us that: you are at -least eighteen (18) years old or the age of legal consent for engaging with the Services under the laws of the jurisdiction in which you are located while using the Site, whichever is the higher.
  8. You will comply at all times with these Terms and Conditions. Players are prohibited from selling, transferring and acquiring accounts to or from other players.
  9. You understand that there is a risk of losing money by gambling on the Site and that you are fully responsible for any losses incurred.
  10. You understand that funds deposited into your account do not earn any interest and you must not consider VSODDS.BET as any form of financial or banking institution.
  11. You must not apply for or open an account if you are located in a jurisdiction in which applying for or opening an account and/or using our Services is unlawful or contrary to any applicable regulation.
  12. In the event that you forget your password, or that your password becomes, or you suspect that it may become, known to any unauthorized user, you will immediately notify us of such event.
  13. Transactions can be made in EUR or USD only.
  14. In order to place a wager you must have sufficient funds in your account.
  15. Only wagers placed from your account will be accepted and any winnings you make using our Services will be credited to your account.
  16. Declaration and payment of any and all applicable taxes and fees in connection with any winnings awarded to you and any other payments to you are your sole responsibility. Winnings cannot be transferred or substituted.
  17. All copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in any material contained on the Site is owned by us for use as part of the Services we offer. Any use of such items is not permitted. All rights are expressly reserved.
  18. VSODDS.BET shall not be liable for:
  19. any loss or damage incurred arising from your use of the Site, including where appropriate, relating to loss of business, loss of profits, business interruption or loss of business information;
  20. any delays or interruptions to the Services or lines failure, any accidental transmission of viruses or other harmful agents or the unauthorized use or misuse of your account;
  21. any software error;
  22. indirect or consequential loss however caused by any event of force majeure.
  23. VSODDS.BET may temporarily suspend the whole or any part of the Services for any reason at our sole discretion.
  24. VSODDS.BET may take all necessary measures in the case of abuse of any malfunction by any user, including but not limited to, blocking the VSODDS.BET account concerned, freezing the funds, and withholding and/or cancelling the payment of any and all winnings resulting directly or indirectly from the malfunction. If there are insufficient funds in the account, VSODDS.BET is entitled to claim or otherwise appropriate the relevant outstanding amount relating to any winnings paid out in error which shall be a debt from you to VSODDS.BET until fully repaid.
  25. Whilst it is intended that the Site will at all times operate under our existing Curaçao licence, we reserve the right to switch the operation of the Site to another jurisdiction at any time.
  26. You may contact us within six months if you have a question relating to a transaction, payment, withdrawal, and or settlement, or if you have questions or need assistance. Any claims made after this time may not be considered by us, at our sole discretion.
  27. If you have any complaints, please contact via email info@vsodds.bet.
  28. This Agreement is governed by the Laws of Lithuania, whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising therefrom. We cannot accept responsibility under the laws of any other jurisdiction.
  29. When a dispute of a particular type takes place for the first time, VSODDS.BET shall make the final decision. In the event of discrepancies in data from different sources of information (date, result, time), VSODDS.BET will suspend payouts until authenticity of such data is established through investigation. 
  30. If the initial result of a finished event is revised later for any reason and one party forfeits the game, all bets shall be paid subject to the actual result. The actual result is result declared based on the official minutes and other official sources of information immediately after the end of the event.
  31. Betting terms may be subject of variation after a bet has been made, but this does not affect the termsat the time the bets was placed. 
  32. A bet placed by the Client shall be deemed won if all outcomes specified in such bet have been predicted correctly.
  33. Bets placed on events the oucomes of which was known at the time of placement shall be settled at odds 1.
  34. In the event of suspicions in the unsportsmanlike format of matched VSODDS.BET reserves the right to block bets on sport event before final conclusion of an international organization and declared bets as invalid if the fact of an unsportsmanlike game is determined. Payments of these bets is made with odds 1. VSODDS.BET is not obliged to prsent evidence and conclusions to the clients.
  35. Should the client commit fraud in respect to the VSODDS.BET, VSODDS.BET reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by bet cancellation, closure of the client's account with the balance being refunded and filling a claim to law-enforcement agency.
  36. Each client may have only one account in VSODDS.BET. Regardind registration on VSODDS.BET this rule applies to one household, one address, one email address, one credit/debit card and one IP-address. VSODDS reserves the right to request certain personal details from the client such as passport details, registered place of residence.
  37. An account is blocked after staying inactive for 100 days.
  38. VSODDS.BET reserves the right to hold a video conference in order to verify the Client identity tin case of risk of fraudulent actions from the client side.
  39. The account holder confirms that any activities on the account are performed by themselves.
  40. VSODDS.BET could request any documents from the client substantiating their indetity at the VSODDS.BET discretion such as address, credita card details or other data); VSODDS.BET has a right to request for the documents to be sent by post.
  41. VSODDS.BET clients are informed about the odds of winning and of the potential consequences and risks of losing.
  42. Client could request full bet history. Withdrawals and deposits can be accessed through the "My account" section.
  43. VSODDS.BET clients have a self-exluding option. Please write to info@vsodds.bet about the help. VSODDS.BET provide assistance to the clients with potential gambling problems. VSODDS.BET monitor all requests.
  44. VSODDS.BET offers a self-restricting option which allows client to close account for certain period of time: a week, a month, a year. 
  45. Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you located ; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete deposit.
  46. Cardholder's responsibility to know the laws concerning online gambling in her/his country of domicile.
  47. Before using VSODDS.BET the client must make sure that they do not breach laws and regulations related to the gambling industry in their teritory of residence. Gambling on the internet in prohibited in some countries and gambling related payments and money transfers may also be forbidden. Users from the following countries will not be allowed to register in VSODDS.BET: Iran, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, China, Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Cyprus, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain. List  is updated regulalry. Client will be informed accordingly.


Version 01-08-2018